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Minnfinn Max Koi and Goldfish medication pond treatment, safe, biodegradable

Minnfinn Max Koi and Goldfish Treatment

The Safe and Neutralizable Way to Treat Your Fish!

Minnfinn Max Koi and Goldfish Treatment

  • Control of Protozoal parasites (e.g., Costia and trichodina) in (1) one treatment.
  • Control of ukes in (1) one to (2) two treatments -Species dependant
  • Control of Ich in (3) three treatments over 5 days.

MinnFinn is good to treat a number of organisms found on the outside of your fish. MinnFinn eliminates PROTOZOA parasites, FLUKES and many external BACTERIAL infections. MinnFinn has effectively eliminated protozoa infections, fluke infections, red sores on fish and bacterial gill infections.

Benefits of MinnFinn Max

  • Water changes not required after treatment
  • Completely eliminated after neutralization
  • No harmful environmental impact
  • Not cancer causing unlike products containing formalin and malachite green
  • Increases disolved oxygen

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